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Cragg Vale Calendar 2022 - Request for Photographs

Although our fabulous Cragg Vale 2021 calendar is only a couple of months old, we're already thinking about the 2022 edition, so we're calling upon all our local photo enthusiasts to help out by submitting their favourite shots of our lovely area.

We all know that Cragg Vale has evolved over time to accommodate the needs of the people living here, at whatever point in history. Even now, it represents many things to different people, whether it be a place of commerce, solace, holiday destination, leisure, livelihood or lifestyle choice.

One theme that binds all of these, is its spirit, so we'd love to see your pictures which, for you, capture the Spirit of Cragg Vale. It could be landscape, people, places or animals, and if you wish to include a brief narrative, (eg where, when or why) we'll try and reflect some of these ideas within the production. Following a tough period in our Community history, we're  looking for a feel of positivity and resilience throughout the 2022 calendar.

Please send your pics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All photos included in the calendar will be acknowledged within the "credits".

Many thanks

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